Simplify and add lightness

Hello wonderful soul, „Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.“ – Bill Copeland This week is all about finding my ease and lightness back. I tend to slip a filter, which was created by myself, over each situation, comment or look. This filter we put over each situation was…

Wanderlust Frankfurt

Hey beautiful soul, Last weekend was WANDERLUST 108 in Frankfurt. A mindful Triathlon with a 5km run, a one hour yoga session and one hour meditation with over thousands of girls and couple of men. When you go to a music festival you rock out with people which have the same passion as you do…

How a Sea Turtle and Yoga changed my Focus

Hi powerful soul, How was your week so far? Have you hustled or tried your best to keep track of your goals? But sometimes you feel like you won’t reach it or can not find the next clue to your secret of life? I was thinking about it a lot in the last weeks. And if…

3 Steps to Change Your Mindset

Hey beautiful soul, Have you heard of the story the business man and the fisherman? Not really? Okay then here we go:

Motto: Take it easy

Hallo meine Lieben, Soulfood ist die Devise und deshalb widme ich diesen Post einer einfachen Zutat: Die Süßkartoffel (Batate auch genannt). Auf 100g hat sie nur 83kcal und allerhand Vitamin C. Ich bin durch einen Londoner Burger Laden drauf gekommen und liebe liebe die Süßkartoffel.