Wanderlust Frankfurt

Hey beautiful soul,

Last weekend was WANDERLUST 108 in Frankfurt. A mindful Triathlon with a 5km run, a one hour yoga session and one hour meditation with over thousands of girls and couple of men.

When you go to a music festival you rock out with people which have the same passion as you do and why not start a festival with brings people together which love working out? Nowadays it is all about the community. It brings people together which tend to share the same values and makes you feel good about yourself.

With music from DJ Taz Rashid is from the US and underlines every flow more then perfect. Christina Lobe brought us to the world of Anusara Yoga and I just loved her Flows so much. We had a wonderful mediation by Nina Heitmann. You had the chance to learn more about the different yoga style like yoga board, arial yoga or acre yoga. Adidas had a big booth there to try out their new shoes and also there were so many adidas personal trainers who did workshops about nutrition, black rolls or the right breathing technique. It was a wonderful experience and I really look forward to more events like this.




See you next year Wanderlust!!!!