Travel: Ibiza Food Spots

Hey my loves,

When times are crazy do something which is good for you. That is what I did. One day after I came back from SG I was already back in the plane. On my way to Ibiza!

3 Days Sun and just time for myself. That was the plan 🙂 It is very hard not looking on the work phone. Especially after 2 weeks of crazy working. But I loved it!

Ibiza would be my second home if I had to decide. Everyone thinks of Ibiza as THE party island, but if you ask me it is the perfect spot to be when you need calmness and recharge your batteries.

We landed on a Saturday and had a great evening strolling around town, see what is new, had a glas of wine and just relaxed. I was super happy to find good spots for Acai Bowls. (Which I am obsessed with right now!) Also I love Passion Cafe at Marina Ibiza and that was what I was also very excited about. Buddha Bowls and Acai Bowls 🙂





Passion Cafe:  This is a nice cafe/bistro which becomes more and more popular because of the vegan, vegetarian and healthy food options. You also get chicken and fish but the focus is more on the non-meat meals. I just love eating there (Love the  grain bowls so much!!). And in the Marina it is one of my favorite spots to sit and watch the people from all over the world.

Biorganic Shop In Eivissa City we found the best Acaì Spot! Small organic shop where locals buy there food if they love the healthy lifestyle. And you get a Bowl for 6 EUR and everything vegans love to have in their fridge 🙂

Bali Bowls: Just opened in Eivissa and is also located in Dubai and of course Bali. We went to this place before we found Biorganic. Bowls are nice to eat and also good Avocado Toast. It is a good choice to sit in the center of Ibiza and good after a long night.

On the next day we had a small breakfast and went straight to the beach. And guess who got sunburned as hell? Yep! After SG I was used to a very hot weather and no wind. Ibiza was a good temp. but a lot of wind! So I had goosebumps and thought I don’t have to take sun blocker 🙂 I was a lobster after 3 hours in the sun! So first stop was the supermarket to buy all I could get with aloe vera! (Best aftersun treatment)

We went to the Passion Cafe and had a late lunch (don’t drink the matcha iced latte, not a good choice) and afterwards we just strolled around and my highlight at night is always: LlaoLlao frozen yoghurt with mango salsa 🙂

Next time we are on the island I will try to find a yoga studio and work on my routine so when I am back in Germany I don’t have to start at zero all the time 🙂

see ya!